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Medicaid Asset Protection


We can advise you regarding how to coordinate benefits between Medicare, supplemental insurance, private pay and Medicaid. Our strategies are aimed at securing Medicaid Long-Term Care benefits for your loved one, while striving to protect their assets to the greatest extent possible within the Medicaid rules. 

Estate Planning


The importance of well-drafted estate plan cannot be overstated.  Estate Planning is not a right reserved to the wealthy or dying; it's for everyone. We can review your personal situation in detail and help you to craft a comprehensive estate plan to ensure that your wishes are known, both during your life and beyond. 

Long-Term Care Planning


 Not every client needs to apply for Medicaid.  Many families choose to care for aging parents at home or in settings other than nursing homes. We can help you evaluate the long-term feasibility of your plan through cost analysis, while identifying areas for improved care and advocacy on behalf of your loved one.